L&F Wedding | First attempt on making boutonniere(s) for my wedding party!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Hello! I mentioned previously that i started making dried flowers in this post so i could create my own boutonniere for our wedding, they are dried and ready to be used so I made 3 variations for the men, one type for the groomsmen, one type for Leon's family, one type for my family!

So excited because this is my first attempt in doing this and with the limited materials i had on hand, I think I'm quite happy with the results. :D

I spent all night arranging all 9 of them and tying them nicely with a cute teenie weenie rubber band to hold it in place, finishing it off with some twine to complete the look!

Used some glue and some of my old hair clips to make sure the twine is secured before the glue is dry.
TADAH!!! All good to go!

For the groomsmen's boutonniere, I used a mix of these dried flowers:
baby's breath, lavender, wax flower berries and leave stalk, billyball, crested dog tail

For the grooms men's boutonniere, I used a mix of these dried flowers:
baby's breath, lavender, hydrangeas and crested dog tail (purple ones for his family and teal ones for mine!)

The dried lavender used makes these boutonniere smell freaking AMAZING! So dreamy and pretty, i think it's pretty good for a first attempt! hehe I can't wait for them to be worn! I love that these are dried flowers so at the end of the day, it can be kept and preserved nicely. (of course that's if they want to!)

I'm still thinking of what to do for the ladies corsage, but I'm sure I'll think of something soon! (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.


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Joey L said...

Hi Fidelis!
Saw your post and I am inspired by you to DIY the boutonnieres too!
May I check where do you get the flowers and how long do you take to dry them?
Many thanks in advance for your reply!

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